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With RoutineBot I am solving the problem that some GUI cannot be controlled andĀ could not be integrated in an automatic data taking process in another way.

S. Krause, Student, University of Mainz, Germany, Mainz

I really like RoutineBot. The product is very user-friendly. It is easy to learn and it supports more than one programming language.

There are many predefined commands which can be used just by picking them out of a list. There seems to be no limits, you can run any installed software, and control it with RoutineBot as if you were using it by yourself, and write it into files and so on.

It is a good choice if you want to handle applications automatically and there is no any automation function in the software that you want to manage.

A note from the developers

Thank you for your opinion. RoutineBot was designed with advanced users in mind (not necessary software developers). We know that sometimes there are situations when you say: “There should be a program that would click all the buttons for me! Why should I repeat all these routine clicks again and again?” That’s where RoutineBot helps. Actually, its name says for itself – it is a robot for an elimination of routine, repetitive actions. Well, not eliminating, but automating.

There are several programming languages supported, but as you have noticed, any inexperienced person can create some simple scripts as well. Moreover, it is possible to record a script once and then just play it when you need it.

For sure, recorded scripts are sensitive to any small changes in the conditions of the running of the program, but this is a great way to get started with the software.

We know that among users of RoutineBot there are software developers and testers, as well as those users who are just looking for an automation of their daily routine.

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