RoutineBot is an interface automation testing software. It allows to create scripts to test interface of software systems just like human testers would do it. Please, specify your email address below to download RoutineBot:

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RoutineBot does not just emulate mouse clicks or button clicks, the RoutineBot allows user to specify some image sample to be found n the screen and do some action with this sample.

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Version history

Please note: we support only the latest version of RoutineBot, but the old versions can be downloaded from version archive.

  • RoutineBot version 3.8. (released 24.01.2014)
    • MouseFocuseNext in RoutineBot allows to pass one by one the same image pattern on the screen. Example.
  • RoutineBot version 3.7. (released 12.07.2013)
    • New debug functions added – getDate, getTickCount, getCurrentTime to make it easy measure time-related indicators
    • Showhint function bug under Windows 7 fixed
  • RoutineBot version 3.6 (released 28.09.2012)
    • Activation scheme added;
    • Ability to use the full file path to external .bmp with MouseFocuse-like functions;
    • Ability to insert wait(x) when recording the script;
  • RoutineBot – version 3.5 (released 31.05.2011) includes:
    • Ability to create full log or only log results of selected functions with SetLogState function;
    • Improved “MouseFocuseCV” function with time-out parameter;
  • RoutineBot – version 3.4 released with basic debug functionality. Now you will be able to use brake points, execute script step-by-step
  • RoutineBot – version 3.3 released with MouseFocuseCV – computer vision function based on OpenCV, this function will be able to find objects in program interface even if the object was changed a little.
  • RoutineBot – version 3.0 released with ability to record scripts, now it is possible to record scripts in 3 supported scripting languages – Pascal, Java Script, Basic.
  • RoutineBot 1.4 released with image gallery.
  • RoutineBot 1.2 released. The new version can take snapshots, switch keyboard layout, show hint in the system tray.
  • RoutineBot 1.1 released. The new version allows to generate flexible test scripts based on image patters.
  • RoutineBot 1.0 released with primary testing functions that provide user with interface testing capabilities.

Example: GUI test with RoutineBot

RoutineBot is testing GUI, trying to enter various values into the text fields and processing warning messages that tested program shows.

Gui Test Automation

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Test Automation Step-by-Step
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