Frequently Asked Questions about interface testing with RoutineBot

RoutineBot is an interface automation testing software. It allows to create scripts to test interface of software systems just like human testers would do it. RoutineBot does not just emulate mouse clicks or button clicks, the RoutineBot allows user to specify some image sample to be found n the screen and do some action with this sample. Download and try free, unlimited 30-day evaluation version.

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How does RoutineBot look like?

Check screenshots section or try downloading trial version.

Can I record scripts with RoutineBot?

Yes, you can run script recording in two modes – snapshot based and mouse click based. Learn more about script and macros recording.

Can I use functions and images from other projects?

Yes, you can. The best way is to connect to external projects, it is also possible to connect to external units.

Can I press hot-keys with RoutineBot?

Yes, with EnterKeys function it is possible to press any key on keyboard, including combinations like Control + Alt + F11 or any other.

Is it possible to click at random places on the screen?

We have found it useful in finding problems that would not have happened if we had been clicking where we expected people to click. It is possible to click at random placed on the screen with RoutineBot? The answer it yes – you should use random function from our test commands list.

For instance use this code:



If the program can manage with windows, e.g. find window by caption?

Yes, it is possible to find windows using some text filters as a parameter and send some messages to these windows. Learn more about windows search function.

What syntax is supported in script code?

We support Pascal syntax, actually, if you know any programming language like C++ or Basic – it won’t be hard to create your own scripts, as we have a lot of examples and the main code can be generated automatically by RoutineBot when you adding a new command. We know that Pascal has some limitations (such as declaring variables in the certain part of the code), but with RoutineBot, you can declare variables anywhere you need it.

What is Exception message will appear during script execution?

RoutineBot can handle this. There is a special OnException script, which check after execution of each function for exception message. This script can be customized.

Can RoutineBot click certain menu commands?

Yes, it can. Check more information about testing menu commands.

How to repeat script until we have an exact image on the screen?

Use Repeat … Until as shown here.

Seems script is executing a little bit slow… Can I speed it up?

After each function RoutineBot checks for exception, by executing OnException script, this is a time-consuming task. You have several options – disable the OnException script (go to Tools – Environment Options, set Warnings to OFF) or you can modify OnExecption script or you can add some functions to Safe Functions list, so RoutineBot will not check for exception situations after execution of these functions.

RoutineBot is interacting with graphics! What if some changes happened, for instance different skin is applied?

If you use in your script image patters, and the original appearance of some, say button, in tested application changed, then script will not be executed correctly. So, when designing you scripts have in mind this possibility.

There are some possible solutions to this problem: you can use ClickButton command, which uses button’s caption text (not its image). Another solution is using smaller image patters, in this case there are less chances for the pattern to be changed.

The latest MouseFocuseCV command involve computer vision. Using this command you can make your scripts even more flexible.

Does RoutineBot support Windsock application, database, flash and other technologies?

RoutineBot is not hard-connected to any programming language or application type (in sense as an object for tests), it uses image patters to find necessary controls and work with them, that it its limitation, but that is also its power as tests or any automation can be written for any application.

What are environment requirements to RoutineBot? Does it work on Linux, Unix, Mac? Any browser requirements?

There requirement for OS is stated on download page, it is Windows operating systems, including Vista. As for browser, then as long RoutineBot uses images from script image library to find controls, it is not limited to any browser, but it is also limits its ability to create scripts, which will be indipendent to say, browser or web-site skin changes.

How to use units in RoutineBot

It is possible, please, check using units in RoutineBot page for more information.

Can script be scheduled to run?

RoutineBot supports integration with Windows Scheduler, actually, script can be executed from any application.

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