WriteText function in RoutineBot


WriteText( FileName:String, Text:String, Append:Integer [optional] )



Full path to file


Text to write

Append:Integer [optional]

If this param is 1  Text will be append to end of file. Otherwise, if this param is  0 file will be cleared and then Text will be writed. Default value is 0.

For these example you must create text file with content
s=Hello world!

(or download it from here)
and save it as ‘c:\sometext.txt’.

nl := NewLine + NewLine;
s := GetFileContent('c:\sometext.txt');
MsgBox('old file content'+ nl + s);
WriteText('c:\sometext.txt',NewLine + 'c=3',1);//adding text to file
s := GetFileContent('c:\sometext.txt');
MsgBox('file content after append string'+ nl + s);
WriteText('c:\sometext.txt','new textfile content');//rewriting text in file
s := GetFileContent('c:\sometext.txt');
MsgBox('file content after rewriting'+ nl + s);

Download example WriteText

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