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Record scripts automatically


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Starting version 3.0. RoutineBot allows to record test automation scripts. The new function helps to record user actions and then play them back.

  • To start or stop recording use “Start/stop recording command” in Tools menu or Control + F12 hot key.

RoutineBot can record scripts in two modes:

  1. Snapshot based recording – combined graphical and mouse position recording mode. In this mode RoutineBot will try to make snapshots of objects at mouse position, but it also will record the relative movement of the mouse, so if during playback the snapshot was not found, your script will continue to play using data about relative mouse movement.
  2. Cursor position based recording – in this mode RoutineBot will record script basing mouse movements and click, without using snapshots.
  • In both modes RoutineBot will record text you type with keyboard;

Learn more about automatic script recording online

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