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RoutineBot menu overview


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File Menu

  • New Project - creates a new project using template;
  • New Unit - create a new unit using template;
  • Open - opens project or unit;
  • Save - saves project or unit;
  • Save as...- saves project or unit;
  • Hide - hide the RoutineBot window;
  • Exit - close application;

Project Menu

  • Prepare Bat File - prepares Windows batch file (.bat extension), which include all parameters to run the script;
  • Scheduler - make it easy to schedule the execution of the current script with Windows scheduler;
  • Script Language - select the script language, by default it is Pascal Script;
  • Show gallery - show the gallery of images used in the project. To add images use "Make snapshot" button at "Select Test Image" tag;
  • OnExceptionScript - edit OnException script;
  • Safe functions - click to edit the list of safe functions;
  • Add unit... - will add the unit file into the project (not link to it, but copy into the project);
  • Link to external unit ... - will add external unit to the project by linking to it, the program will always read the original file of the script;
  • Link to unit in external project - allows to link to the unit from the RoutineBot project file

Edit Menu

Script text operations

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Select All

Search Menu

  • Find text - searching the text in script
  • Find next - finding the next text occurrence in the script
  • Go to line

Tools Menu

  • Environment options - the settings for program and interpreter
  • Menu Browser - the dialog which make it easier using of ExecuteMenuItem command
  • Show image at cursor - will show the image which is addressed from the script (if any) under the cursor
  • Find image at cursor on screen - will search for image used in the script text under cursor on the screen
  • Start/stop recording - records test script automatically. Learn more.
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