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Common product questions


Introduction - Functions Overview

Ordering/registration issues

How to register RoutineBot

Please, go to RoutineBot ordering page: and learn available license and pricing options. Once you choose necessary option you should click “Buy Now” link, which will bring you to ordering page.

Please note: our e-commerce provides suggest several ordering methods, including Credit Card, FAX Ordering, Postal Mail, Phone, Purchase Order. All ordering options are listed on the top of the page.

How to register when already using evaluation version

If you are now trying RoutineBot evaluation version and want to register, please follow 2 steps:

1)    Visit registration page to select appropriate license and purchase RoutineBot.

2)    Once you have filled and submit your purchase form to our e-commerce provider you will have order confirmation e-mails, with registration code included.

Please note: you will not be asked to download another version of software. You will just activate your copy of RoutineBot for unlimited usage.

How to enter registration code

You should copy and paste registration code into registration box of RoutineBot. Run the program, and then go to the Help menu. Select “Enter registration code…”. Copy and paste registration code and click OK button.

If you using Site or World license of RoutineBot and has a RoutineBot installed on several computers, then please contact us for reg_key.key file, which will allow to enter registration code much faster.

How to recover registration code in a case of computer crash

Please, contact us using on-line contact form. Put your registration details in message body. We need to know what is your order ID number or what e-mail have you used to register.

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