Processing exceptional situations with RoutineBot

Starting version 1.5 RoutineBot has an advanced function to process exceptional situations.

Short note about how it is organized:

  • After each function RoutineBot calls OnException script (that you can change from Project menu).
  • The default OnException script contains code which will search for windows with “Exception…” caption or icon.
  • You can change the default script or replace it with your own. For instance, you can add code to log some operations in text file.

Safe functions:

  • By default RoutineBot calls OnException script after all functions, but for sure, there are functions that most likely will not produce any exception (like MouseFocus), so you can add these functions to list of “safe” functions, which is available from Project menu. In the latest versions OnException script is available from “Explorer” tab
  • Why put some function in the “Safe functions” list. OnException script takes some time to execute, so if you will add some functions to “Safe functions” list, you will be able to run the script faster.
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