New languages in RoutineBot

Starting version 2.0 RoutineBot supports two additional script languages – JScript (language with javascript-like syntax) and BasicScript (language with basic-like syntax) and the Pascal syntax supported from the very beginning of the project.

All old function (e.g. MouseFocuse,EnterKeys) are available under all three languages.

You can change  used language from combobox above script source.

Language selection
Default language is PascalScript.
Below are showed script in different languages, that works identically.
#language PascalScript
i := 2;
while i > 0 do
MsgBox('i = ' + i);
i := i - 1;

#language JScript
i = 2;
while (i > 0)
MsgBox("i = " + i);
i = i - 1;

#language BasicScript
i = 2
while (i > 0)
MsgBox("i = " + i)
i = i - 1

And now you can automatically convert numerical values to string values. E.g. expression

'Image # ' + 1

return string value

'Image # 1'

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