Java test and GIS automation with RoutineBot

We use RoutineBot to:

1. Execute Automation test for Java application
2. Execute Automation test for GIS and Maps Application

Amr Shehab, QA & QC Engineer, Al Faris for IT and Telecoms, Saudi Arabia

I want try it to evaluate its usage is GIS automation test and Java.¬†Many Automation tools not support Map Testing and java Application.¬†From my position in the company, I’m searching for effective tools to demand on fully automation testing

The trial period is very important to evaluate the products and select the appropriate Product

From developers:

Our customer support team already generated and sent you temporary registration code so that you can evaluate all the features of software more.

As for testing Java applications, specifically GIS automation, the RoutineBot might be a good choice as it doesn’t require access to your API to test anything. What you will need to do is to use its visual tools to get image samples and build scripts using these visual samples.

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Example: GUI test with RoutineBot

RoutineBot is testing GUI, trying to enter various values into the text fields and processing warning messages that tested program shows.

Gui Test Automation

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