GUI test automation of .NET application

GUI test automation of a .NET-based application testing using the RoutineBot is very helpful for us.

Subhash, Manager, Shabari Essentials, Hyderabad, India

The Routinebot GUI test automation tool is great, it helped us to be more productive, it gave us more free time to spend on other things, and testing is taken care by RoutineBot. Thanks for such a nice and user-friendly product. I have one suggestion. We have tried the product in Pascal, but it looks like Pascal is not fully supported, so we need information like what is supported and what is not.

A note from the developers Thank you for your feedback. It’s great to hear that RoutineBot helped you with the testing of .NET application. A good thing about automation GUI testing is that you set it up once, and then spend much less time on maintenance. On the one hand it is a big first-time investment in the development of the test script (actually, you can record this script, and this is a faster option); on the other hand you save your valuable time then as you can run automated tests regularly without any additional cost for you. As for the support of Pascal script, we use an excellent FastScript component for scripting. It allows people to write their test scripts in their favorite languages, but for sure there are some minor limitations. Have a look at FastScript documentation for the details. Specifically check out “Features and missing features.” If you see that something is described in FastScript documentation, but is not supported by RoutineBot, then let us know.

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Example: GUI test with RoutineBot

RoutineBot is testing GUI, trying to enter various values into the text fields and processing warning messages that tested program shows.

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