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Software Test Automation Problem

Software development is not possible without tests and quality assurance. Software engineers use various testing methods to perform control of their job. There is a number of approaches, called automated testing, which involves methods that don’t require human action. Software test automation Software test automation involves automating a manual testing

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From manual testing to test automation

Testing is a must-have procedure in software development process. The question is what testing you need, what costs you will pay and how to lower these costs with test automation. Costs associated with software testing The process of software development is complicated and can last years, there can be and

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Example: GUI test with RoutineBot

RoutineBot is testing GUI, trying to enter various values into the text fields and processing warning messages that tested program shows.

Gui Test Automation

GUI Testing TipsCheck out our GUI Test Automation tips.
Test Automation Step-by-Step
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