Browser automation and script recording

Using RoutineBot for browser automation and script recording for an automated process on different email and vendor websites.

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I think it’s one of the best software out there that exists to make it easy to do testing out of the box. I like the function where you can do a hot key recording and save the text file to your desktop. I will be looking for the newer improvements and version in the future.

A note from the developers

Thank you for your comment. RoutineBot is a good choice for any automation task. Script recording might be a good solution for repeating some action later, but in this case the script created is sensitive for even small changes. If you think that in the future an environment might be changed (for example, some unexpected message might appear) or user might need to enter a different text in the text box, then it makes sense writing a script manually.

Have a look at the script recorded with RoutineBot, it consists of sections like this:

if (MouseFocuse(‘0002 456-325 Program Manager explorer.exe’) = 0) then
end; // 10:39:37:074
MouseClick; // 10:39:37:162

Let me explain the script a little bit.

With the first line if (MouseFocuse(‘  RoutineBot is trying to find an image “0002 456-325 Program Manager explorer.exe” on the screen. This image was captured automatically when you moved your mouse during the recording. The program use it to understand where you clicked on the screen.

If the image was not found if (MouseFocuse(‘…’) = 0) then the program used saved relative coordinates to move your mouse accordingly:

  • MouseMoveRel(-183,104);

One of the two command should move your mouse to the place where it was when you was recording the script. We assume this and do what you did when recorded the script:

  • MouseClick;

There are things that are easily managed by a human, but can be confused by RoutineBot. For example, what if there are several images on the screen and all are the same. Humans interpret this as a list of something, but the program need to have additional instructions about how to deal with them. For example, you can use for this case a structure like this:



// do what you need with the next item in the list


until next=0;

In this way you tell RoutineBot to process all the images one by one.

Thank you again for sharing your feedback and let us know if you will have any questions.

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